My First Baby Blog

I decided to start writing when I know I’m pregnant. This is my first blog and it’s about my whole pregnancy process. In the beginning, I felt my body is undergoing changes which I never experience before. My breasts were getting really tender for quite awhile. Usually before menstruation they will get firm too but it will only last around a week. This time round, it was longer. Somehow, I got a feeling that I am pregnant, so I decided to get a test kit. I was afraid of a negative result. Nowadays, it’s so difficult to get pregnant due to the stress environment around us.

The next morning, I tested and it was positive. I am so happy to see the two red lines on the pregnancy test kit. My husband was so excited and decided to bring me to a clinic for confirmation. We went to a women’s clinic for an ultrasound and confirmed that I am 7 weeks pregnant. The doctor suggested to visit her monthly and she will recommend a gynecologist from my 6 months pregnancy onward. As it was my first pregnancy, I thought this was the usual practice. However, we did some reading and found out that people start visiting a gynae from the start. Hence, I started to look for a good gynae recommendation.

firstvisitOur first visit to Mount Alvernia

My first trimester

A friend recommended Dr Goh Shen Li from Mount Alvernia Hospital to me, as we were looking for a female gynae. We did some further research and decided to make an appointment with her. On the first visit, she did an ultrasound, blood test and gave me a bottle of frolic acid pills. She was a friendly and pretty doctor haha.. I am advised not to take any raw food and seafood (high in mercury). I am quite lucky as I do not like seafood anyway ^^ Overall we were satisfied with Dr Goh and my husband preferred Mount Alvernia. Everything suits us so we decided to continue with her.

My 9 weeks baby, size of a prune!


During my first trimester (first 3 months of pregnancy), I am always very tired and I could sleep 2 to 4 hours every afternoon. In the end, I lose 2 kg as I do not have the appetite for most food out there. Fast food was the only thing I could eat. Other than that, I can only take ¼ pack of chicken rice or mixed rice. Actually, it was pretty normal not to gain weight during the first trimester. The lucky part was I do not have morning sickness at all. I also did not have nausea. My little baby is really a good boy/girl.

My second trimester

For my second visit to my gynae, it’s really a fast one. Dr Goh did an ultrasound for me and gave me some prenatal vitamins, fish oil and calcium (as I don’t drink fresh milk). It’s really happy to see the little baby is doing well and growing healthy. When I saw my baby was moving in my tummy and the heart was beating, that special moment really made my heart melted and felt like tearing.

Baby 12 weeks, size of a kiwi!


I did an OSCAR test recommended by my gynae at Novena Medical Centre. The test cost about SGD $560. No fasting is needed. They recommended not to urine before the test as it was easier to see the baby. There are 3 down syndrome screening options.

  1. Maternal serum screening – accuracy of 60 to 70%
    It’s a blood test that cost around $120
  2. Oscar – accuracy 90%
    It’s a blood test + scan baby’s neck skin and nose bone
  3. Non-invasive prenatal test (Harmony) – accuracy 98 to 99%
    It’s a blood test recommended for age 35 and above. The cost is above $900 for basic panel and $1,250 for extended panel

The screening went very well. They confirmed that our baby look pretty good and is growing at the expected size. This is what a mummy wanna hear! Happy! During the screening, we could see the arms, legs, brains and cord clearly. Two months later, we will need to return to Novena Medical Centre to check the baby bones. It was another screening test which was included in the package.

It is recommended to eat more fruits. Avocado and mango are some of the recommended ones. The older generation will tell you not to drink cold drinks. The good news is cold drink is allow! This is confirmed by my gynae. Hahah… However, cold drink does not mean soft drink so please take note. Soft drink is strictly a NO NO for us!

 16 weeks, a hand-palm size!


It’s a baby GIRL!! My husband is very happy to know the gender, as he is hoping for one.
The baby is growing at a fast speed. On 16 week, my baby is 11 cm. Although I did not put on much weight but she is growing well. Some of my friends told me not to eat curry. Because I like to eat roti prata, so how can prata go without curry? Hence, during the gynae visit, I checked with her, and she said it is fine to eat curry or spicy food. It is good news to me, so I do not have to worry while I am eating it. Hehe.. I did not follow traditional Chinese custom although I’m Chinese. I felt western style is more flexible and I do not have to restrict myself so much.

Anyway, I felt Dr Goh is really nice so we decided to take up her package. Her package is at S$1,100 (exclude GST) for 10 times visit. It includes consultation, screening and routine checks. Blood tests and medication are excluded. It’s quite worth it since I will be seeing her until my baby is born. The package only starts from 16 weeks onward.

Untitled-1Me @ 16 weeks of pregnancy
My husband took this photo for me. Love it so much!!


Week 20, 313 grams

week20Don’t know what she is doing! Rolling up at a corner?

In week 20, we went back to Novena Medical Centre again to do the “FA with uterine doppler” test. Everything is fine. After the visit, we went to Shen Kwong Trading at Bugis. It is a baby clothes supplier. FYI. I did not earn any commission from blogging them. I mentioned them because they are selling very cheap baby ‘casual’ clothes. It is a old school shop. The price for 6 plain top is $14. So you will be able to get 6 sets of baby pyjames at only $28, I think is a good deal. Haha.. My husband did not stop me from buying so I ended up spending $116 in total (picture below). The only bad point is you are able to choose the design but not the color. It comes in 6 assorted colors per design.



Week 24, 746 grams


As usual, it’s monthly check up again. We are always looking forward to seeing our baby girl. Therefore, each visit is very excited for us. Dr Goh told us that the baby was slightly heavier than it should be and I was asked to take a blood test on glucose level on the next visit which need mummy to fast the night before, from 12 am. We are kind of worried. Hopefully, the baby is healthy, so do I. She really grow very fast.

Now, I am able to feel her kicking hard regularly. The first time, I felt her kicks was in 19 weeks, it was pretty light though. Time really pass very fast. Another 3 months to go!!!

week25Me @ 25 weeks of pregnancy

My third trimester

Week 28, 1257 grams


She actually gained 400 grams for the past month! Her weight was normal at week 28. However, I have already gained 11 kg so far. So I need to take the glucose test, in case I have diabetes (if so, preventive measures must be taken to keep the baby healthy). 2 tubes of blood need to be drawn. After fasting from 12 am, the first tube was drawn at 8.30 am and the second tube was at 10.30 am. No food and drink in between (a slip of water is fine) but I did not take any as I am very worried of the sugar level and I wanted the result to be accurate. After the first tube of blood was drawn, I was given a bottle of water which contained 75 grams of sugar. This bottle of water needed to be finished within 10 mins.


I finished the water within a minute. I wanted the test to be as accurate as possible haha..
It tasted like 7-UP without gas, and it was very sweet! The cost of this test is $46. The result will be out within the next few days. The gynae said they will call us for an immediate follow up if the result is poor. Let’s hope she don’t call us!!!

Untitled-1.jpgMe @ week 28 of pregnancy 🙂

Week 31, 1842 grams


Today I will be doing obstetric ultrasound, collecting glucose test result and having a Mt Alvernia hospital tour.

The obstetric follow up without doppler ultrasound will be done at Novena Medical Centre. It cost $165.85. The main purpose of this scan is to check my placenta measurement. During the last OSCAR test my measurement was low, so my gynae recommended me to take again. This time round I pass the minimum level of 40mm. Now I am able to op for normal delivery. If the result is low, gynae will recommend us to go for caesarean.  Even it is an extra cost but it definitely worth it. Hence, I got a 2D front view photo of my baby (above). Hahah.. She is smiling!

I had gained 12kg so far, which was slightly more than the expected weight gain. Luckily the glucose test result was good. I do not have diabetes. I do not have to worry anymore.

swollenlegMy swollen legs @ 31 weeks of pregnancy

Everything goes very well except my swollen legs and weak hand during day time. Checked with my gynae and she said that the swollen leg was normal due to the pressure of my big tummy and the weak fingers in the day was due to the blood flow. Anyway it’s not super swollen or what. So just let it be.

week32.jpgMe @ 32 weeks of pregnancy

Week 33, 2189 grams

As the due date gets nearer, we need to see our gynae every 2 weeks. She is growing really fast. We can’t really see the shape of her in the ultrasound already. Her estimated weight upon delivery is 3.1 to 3.2 kg. The average weight of Singapore babies at week 40 is 3.2 kg. Nowadays, she is very active so I do not have to count her movement. I gained quite a lot of weight, from 46 kg (9 weeks of pregnancy) to 60 kg (now) till I’m afraid to stand on the weighing scale! So scare to see the number keep increasing. My little one is on her standby mode, she had already turned herself and her head is facing down. Though she have not start to shift downwards towards the pelvic. It is a healthy sign for natural birth. As it’s already past the middle of third trimester, we had already prepared the necessary things for her such as life insurance, cord blood banking, baby cot, stroller, clothes and etc. We are just waiting for her to join us now! ❤

As for myself, my feet get really swollen recently. My breathing is also not as smooth as before due to heartburn and I also start to get backaches easily. I have checked with my gynae, these are common symptoms for pregnant woman, especially the baby is gaining so much weight. Since I will be going to give birth next month, I think it is really normal to have these signs. She is able to prescribe medication for my heartburn but I felt it is not that serious yet, so I did not take any medication from her. To reduce leg swollen, it is recommended to elevate the foot or it will just automatically get better the next morning. Also try not to walk/stand too much or sit for long hours and drink plenty of water. For backache, my husband massage for me everyday. It really helps me to sleep better. I also wrote a blog on how I relax and prepare to sleep during pregnancy.

Week 35, 2550 grams


Two weeks have passed, my little girl is 35 weeks now and in another 5 weeks time we get to welcome her to this world! As usual, we did an ultrasound and our gynae said she had slightly longer legs. Maybe she will have long legs just like her Daddy. Overall, she is doing very good. In week 35, it is suggested to do a Group B Streptococci (GBS) screening. It is a test by inserting a cotton bud into the vagina before sending it for a lab test. GBS is a type of bacteria that can be found in the vagina and lower intestine. About 1 in 5 women is a carrier. It can pass through to baby during delivery, so it is better to do this test. If a mother is a carrier, she will have to take antibiotic treatment during labour. The cost of this test is $40 (before GST). Our gynae also suggested me to walk more after week 36 so that it can help the baby to move downward into pelvic. I always enjoy strolling so this is a good time as well. At the same time, I can also hatch more Pokemon eggs along the way!

Week 37, 2842 grams

No ultrasound photo for today visit, as it was just taken 2 weeks ago. Baby is growing bigger and it’s really difficult to take a clear shot of her. Today, we also collected the GBS result, it was negative (yes!). My blood pressure is 126, slightly higher than usual but it is the norm when the due date get nearer. I have done Cardiotocography (CTG) today as well. CTG is a reading recorded to measure baby heart beats and contractions. The cost is $30 (before GST). Mummy will need to lie down and detected by 2 transducers on the abdomen for 15 to 20 mins. The reading of my baby heart beat is normal and I do not have any consistent contractions at the moment. However, I do have irregular cramps in the middle of the tummy. But these happen maybe once or twice a few days.

My baby movements have dropped compared to before. Gynae suggested to admit tonight for induce. She did a cervix dilation test and mentioned that mine cervix is dilated 1 cm already, which is good for induce. However, I am not mentally ready, so I requested to monitor baby movement for 1 more week instead. As the baby movement is very important, we will need to monitor closely so I will need to return in 3 days time to have a CTG reading again. From now onward, I have to start counting baby movement. The standard is 10 movements per day. If it is less than 10 movements I will need to admit hospital straight away. I’m not super worry about it. Every thing will be fine, stress doesn’t help this is what I feel.


As I will be delivering anytime, my gynae prescribed post-natal medicine for me. There are so many of them! But it is quite cheap, it cost $25 (before GST). The large bottle is for constipation. There is panadol, as well as a stronger painkiller taken with gastric pills. These 4 should be taken only when necessary. There are also a pack of iron and vitamin supplements.

From week 37 onward, we will have to visit the gynae weekly. 20 days to our princess’ arrival!

Week 38, 3142 grams

My blood pressure had gone up to 140, which is not too good. My gynae had given me medication to control my blood pressure. It is quite common for pregnant women to have high blood pressure when it is closer to their due date. No choice but to do a blood test again, it cost $44 (before GST). So far I did not face any problem with the person who came to draw blood for me. It is always a one-time withdrawal. Thumb up for her!

My placenta, water level had dropped to lower side of moderate level. The baby will lack of oxygen if it drops below moderate level. I will need to induce if it keeps dropping. From now to next week I have to monitor closely on baby movement. It has to be 10 sets of movement per day.

Overall, the result was not that good. The lucky part was my CTG result was good. Baby heart beat and movement were good. As the due date gets nearer, I felt more nervous and worry. I do not know whether I can handle the pain during delivery even through there is an epidural option. At first, I really wish that my baby can stay in my tummy slightly longer, so I am able to protect her. But after knowing that the water level has drop, I wish that she is able to join us soon. Another 10 days to go..

Took a few photos with my husband before my big round tummy gone. Haha… ❤




Week 39, 3188 grams

I am going to deliver my little girl tonight!! Even there are 6 more days away from due date. My gynae suggested to deliver my baby tonight as my water bag level dropped even further, from 4.8 (moderate) to 1.9 (low). It is not advisable to wait any longer. Today marked as my last gynae visit. I am so nervous and my husband was nervous + excited. Time really passed so fast. I will be seeing my little baby girl real soon. 🙂

The End Of My Pregnancy Journey!



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