My first natural birth experience at Mount Alvernia

After 3 months, I have finally settled down and able to start writing about my delivery experience at Mount Alvernia Hospital. Seriously, I feel that the process is not as tough as what I have heard. The whole delivery process took me 18 hours. 18 hours! Sound scary isn’t it? But the first 17 hours is basically a waiting game. We have to wait for the contractions to begin, and slowly reach its peak before my little one is able to come out. The real pain came in the final hour, when I am pushing with my life for an entire 30 minutes, although I am on epidural.

As mentioned in my first baby blog, my gynae wanted me to admit into hospital on 20th September midnight as my water bag’s fluid was below the acceptable level. So after the visit, my husband and I went home to do a final check on the stuff that we need to bring for the hospital stay. I am so nervous at that time. Though we are physically prepared, mentally we are always not.

D2.jpgLeaving our home

D3.jpgAt Mount Alvernia Hospital’s delivery ward, time 00:00

Upon admitted into the delivery ward at level 3, I was given a delivery gown to change into. After which, I have to undergo induced labour, as my baby is a week earlier. A tablet was inserted into me, to help the pelvic to open up. This will start the contractions, only if the tablet is effective.


d5My delivery suite

At 00:30, the nurse asked my husband to go to level 1 for the admission procedure. It was to make deposit and etc. After my husband left, the nurse inserted an injection tube into the top of my hand. It was done really badly, as it made me bleed a lot. At that time my dilation is only at 1.5 to 2 cm.

d6so painful and uncomfortable

At 03:00, I was given medication to clear my bowel. Do take your time to clear as there would be plenty of time. But if your contraction start, it would be difficult to tell if you are having contraction or you want to visit the toilet. After that, I was told to rest. Anyway, I do not like the concept that Mount Alvernia toilet was shared between two delivery suites. Before using the toilet, you must ensure that both toilet’s doors were locked, if not it would be accessible from the other side. And after finish using it, both doors have to be unlocked.

At 08:30, my gynae came to check on me, and my dilation. It was 3cm. The dilation has to be 10cm in order to start the delivery procedure. It was estimated that the pelvic will open a cm at an hour interval. Another 7 hours to go. It was difficult to fall asleep as I am so nervous. Moreover, my rest was also disruptive as the nurse came in a few times to check on blood pressure and etc. During the 18 hours, I think I slept only for 3 hours in total but I wasn’t tired at all because I am really looking forward to see my baby girl. My gynae was pretty caring, she asked the nurse to get me some biscuits and milo to refresh myself.

D9.jpgCTG monitor

At 10:00, my contraction started. As it is in the early stage, it was bearable. One of the senior nurses came in and we were chatting. She said “no pain no gain”. All these effort for the little one is definitely worth it. At this point of time, I started to consider epidural as it would need an hour for the hospital to assign an anaesthetist and to prepare for the procedure. After thinking for 20 minutes, I opted for epidural even I felt no pain yet. My gynae once told me since there is an option why do I need to go through the pain process. My husband was very supportive, he supported my decision.

d10For epidural use

d11The epidural

IV drip

At 11:00, the anaesthetist came. He was an old but experienced doctor. The senior nurse came with him, and told me that he is a very good doctor. All along, I thought that the procedure would be very tough, as the medication would be inject into the back of the spine. But I was wrong. It was not painful at all. It took a split second for the doctor to administer the medication. They kept on talk to me to distract my attention. I think I was really fortunate to have them. After the procedure I took a nap. As I was on drip, I was not hungry, but my husband was so poor thing. He accompanied me through out and did not have a good rest or a proper meal.

D8.jpgResting chair for husband. Poor thing

At 14:30, a nurse came to check on my dilation and it was only 5cm. Six hours only open 2cm. We were quite disappointed as this mean that we would not be able to see our girl soon. I heard baby cries from next door and I started to feel a little stress and worried. But it did not really affect me much as my husband was just next to me. I have to stay clam! One of the nurses told me that I should be able to deliver at around 17:00 and they would come to check again during that time. So I took a short nap.

At 17:20, no nurse came to check on me yet so I called for the nurse to check my dilation. And she told me that my pelvic is close to 10cm. I was shocked and nervous. My baby girl is coming..

The nurse started to set up and prepare for the delivery. When the contraction came, she would count and asked me to push hard. This process was repeated for about 30 minutes. It was really difficult as my lower body felt so numb. I did not even know if I was pushing enough. The nurse asked my husband to see the baby’s head. It has protruded out already. He told me that he could see the baby’s hair. I felt so relieved. My gynae came and she asked me to push once before deciding for assisted delivery. Within a few minutes of vacuum, my baby was out and started crying!!! It was at this period that I felt so painful but happiness overwhelmed any other feelings. My baby was safely delivered. My husband took the scissor and cut the umbilical cord. My gynae only stayed for 30 minutes throughout before she left for another mother.

d13Here come my baby girl!!

Our very first family photo ❤

At 19:00, after spending some time bonding with my little girl, I asked my husband to bring her to the nursery. My family members were waiting in my nursing ward. However, my gynae instructed the nurse not to move me yet as I had lost too much blood. I have to stay in the delivery ward for further observation. I felt dizzy so I took a rest. At around 22:00, my gynae came. She gave the permission to move me to the ward. One of the nurses came and dressed up for me. She was really unprofessional! She dressed me half way and left. After a while, 2 nurses came and continue to dress me up. They commented that the previous nurse did a really bad job. But I was so tired and dizzy at that time, so I did not have the energy to comment about it.

d15At the nursery


After one whole tired day, finally I am in my ward. It was already so late that there was no dinner. They did not keep any food for me and my husband, even we paid for it. Luckily, my husband still managed to get his dinner at Subway. I could only eat a bread and milo for dinner.

Single bed, Our Lady’s Ward

d18The toilet, a big one!

D19.jpgOur first night together

d21She is so small


After discharge, I really wanted to complain that nurse that dressed me halfway but I did not catch her name. So just forget it. I really did not have a good impression of the hospital service.

D22.jpgTime to go home!

Nevertheless, I am really blessed to have my husband beside me throughout the entire experience, and have our baby girl safely delivered. ❤


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