My breastfeeding journey

I have been breastfeeding my little one for the past 3 months and still counting. It is not an easy journey but it is definitely worth it. Why I choose breastfeeding than formula feeding? Breast milk provides antibodies that can’t be found in formula milk. The process also encourages better bonding with my little one. Breastfeeding also helps me to lose weight faster. I have gained 16kg during pregnancy and I had lost 12kg so far. I’m still trying hard to get rid of that stubborn 4kg. Haha.. It also helps healing in post-delivery. In around a month time, my gynae told me that my uterus have contracted back to its normal size. There are also a lot more other benefits in breastfeeding.


As a housewife, I have the time to feed my baby through direct latching. Though, I still pump a couple of times after midnight. You really can’t save the trouble of washing the milk bottle/container, sterilize them and assemble them. In the beginning, my baby has her milk every 1 to 2 hours (count from the start time). Gradually, it became 2 to 3 hours per feed and 3 to 4 hours during her sleep time. Usually, she only takes one side of the breast per feed. It can take as short as 5mins per feed or as long as 15mins (more on comfort latch). Her average feed is around 10mins. Hence, I got to do night pumps to maintain my supply. Normally, I pump twice a day at 2am and 5am. Sometimes, I get really tired and drop the night sessions. It is not recommended to do so as the milk supply will drop as well, in my case.

j2.jpgMy midnight supply

We do not feed our little one through milk bottle as we are still trying out different brand of bottle and teat, hoping that one will suit her. During Childbirth Education Course, I learn that it is recommended to introduce bottle to baby from a month old onward, to minimise the confusion in nipple and bottle. We tried to bottle feed our little one when she is a month old and she was fine with bottle. However, as we do not bottle feed her often, she started to dislike bottle when she was around 2 months old. No matter how much we try, she will reject and cry so hard. It really breaks a mummy’s heart to see her baby crying. We tried lot of things such as I stayed in the living room and my husband feed in the bedroom; different brand of bottles… Avent natural bottle, Nuk latex bottle, but none of them bring success so far. I guess we got to buy more different brand of bottles. Haha.. Hoping that one of them will suit her, so I can have some ‘me’ time. I recommend mummies not to buy too many bottle before giving birth. I bought 6 Avent bottles for standby and it became “white elephant” now.

j3.jpgDonated 50 packs of breast milk on 1 Jan 2017

As a breastfeeding mum, I am really happy to see my little one growing well. I guess I’m a mid-supply mum. My little one doesn’t cry during her feed. During her vaccination, doctor mentioned that she is healthy. She does not have problem with bowel and urine output. She got 2-4 bowels and 6-8 urine a day. She is 6.6kg at 14 weeks old. Even though she is healthy, I still receive negative remarks along my breastfeeding journey. It makes me really sad and down. I think a lot of people do not know the benefits of breastfeeding. They tend to make remarks such as “is your baby getting enough milk”, “do you have milk”, keep repeat and repeat beside me. I think they did not notice my baby size and that she is really growing very well.

In the past, people rarely breastfeed their babies. Due to that, a lot of elderly does not support breastfeeding. They asked me to feed my little one with formula milk. It is really sad to receive such comments. Please do not make such comment to a breastfeeding mum. It does hurts. The mother herself worries on her milk supply more than anyone else. I guess only breastfeeding mums will know. I am lucky enough to have a supportive husband. ❤

I am really amazed by the amount of sleep times a full time latch on breastfeeding mother needs. Before I was pregnant, I always thought I need 10 hours of sleep per day to keep myself functioning. Now, I got less than 4 hours of sleep and I am still surviving. Haha.. I guess it is the greatness of a mother. Drink lots of water; get to sleep whenever it is possible, it helps on milk supply.

Do not give up mummies! It is recommended to breastfeed the baby for a minimum of 6 months. I plan to breastfeed my little one for a year or more if I have enough supply for her.

j4.jpgMy girl at 3 months old

Thanks for reading my blog.

Stay calm and keep latching!!


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