High Tea at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Axis Bar and Lounge

I am at Mandarin Oriental Hotel again! Here, I have a lot of beautiful and precious memories. Axis Bar and Lounge is my first dating place. My husband was still my boyfriend back then and now we are married and have a little baby girl. It is one of our favorite places to visit for an afternoon high tea.

a1Our first dating photo. Young isn’t it!

a2The first event I attended after wearing this beautiful proposal ring at Mandarin Oriental

a12Our first high tea with our little girl at our first dating place

Why Axis Bar is one of our favorite places is because of their nice food, good customer service, nice ambience and quiet. Most importantly, they allow breastfeeding. The duty manager was so nice that he allowed me to use their private area for breastfeeding. Isn’t it nice that as a mother, we do not have to worry and rush to the nursing room when the baby is crying? Give them a thumb up! Next, it is recommended to request for window seats. Looking out from the full height window there is the Esplanade. However, do try to avoid window seats when the weather is hot.

a4.jpgClick here for the link to the menu

They do not have a standard menu for their afternoon high tea. Do check for their theme before heading down. This time round, the January theme is Chocolate Indulgence. As a chocolate lover, we can’t miss it. They serve more than 20 types of TWG tea. I ordered a pot of Passion Fruit tea; it is a rich black tea with passion fruit. My husband got a pot of Eternal Summer; a South Africa red tea with summer rose blossoms accented with raw berries which finish with a lingering aftertaste of ripe Tuscan peaches.

a5Starter: Araguani Jelly and citrus foam
(It is a little sour + light chocolate taste)

a6Where’s the chocolate? On the extreme right. Turkey and cranberry finger sandwich with chocolate crumbs


a8My two gifts

a9NO~~ I still can’t take solid food


a11Scones! I like the one on the left, round in shape; Mushroom, pecorino and thyme quiche

a13The three tiers

a14It’s cute, isn’t it



a17Can I have some?

The food is not refillable but it is definitely enough, at least for me. It comes with a cup of coffee or 2 pots of TWG tea. The high tea set cost SGD$42 per person or SGD$80 for two, before GST. There are credit card discount of 15% right now for Citibank, DBS/POSB, UOB and Amex card. Their tea time from Monday to Sunday is 3 pm to 5pm. Weekday is 12.30pm to 2.30pm.



a20Time for baby to take her meal

I did not use their private area to breastfeed. I felt it is a good time to experience breastfeeding with the nursing cover. The nursing cover is from Mount Alvernia Hospital during my natural birth stay.

a21At the lift area

a22Are we going home soon??

a24Who are you??

Overall, my expectation for this chocolate theme is probably too high. The variety of the chocolate is not a lot. So far, I think their National Day theme is still the best. I’m looking forward to their next awesome theme!


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