Nursing room in The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

When you are bringing a baby out, it’s always a mother’s instinct to lookout for a place with a nursing room. After the previous post High Tea at The Courtyard, I will be writing on the nursing room in Fullerton Hotel. As an exclusively breastfeeding mother, a nursing room is really important to me.

The nursing room in The Fullerton Hotel was located at BASEMENT 1. You can either take the lift or walk down the stairs at their main lobby. The stairs will take you straight to the entrance of the restroom. The nursing room is inside the restroom (ladies).

Many mothers do not like to breastfeed their babies in the restroom. Same goes for me. Feeding in a wheelchair toilet is definitely a NO for me!! However, the nursing room in the hotel is really clean and is separated with a door from the rest of the cubicles.


In the nursing room, there is a sink, hot/cold water dispenser and a changing area. The changing area is a very basic one. Overall, it has enough space for 1 to 2 strollers.



The feeding area is separated from the changing area. In the feeding room there is an arm chair and an electrical point. The cubicle is very small, which make the feeding room very stuffy and warm (due to the spot light). I left the door half open when I was nursing my girl. There is only one feeding cubicle.


Overall, I just need a clean and private place to feed my girl. It is definitely not the best nursing room but better than nothing. I am rating them 3.5 over 5 for their amenities, nice decoration, neat and cleanness.


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