My first natural birth experience at Mount Alvernia

After 3 months, I have finally settled down and able to start writing about my delivery experience at Mount Alvernia Hospital. Seriously, I feel that the process is not as tough as what I have heard. The whole delivery process took me 18 hours. 18 hours! Sound scary isn’t it? But the first 17 hours is basically a waiting game. We have to wait for the contractions to begin, and slowly reach its peak before my little one is able to come out. The real pain came in the final hour, when I am pushing with my life for an entire 30 minutes, although I am on epidural.

As mentioned in my first baby blog, my gynae wanted me to admit into hospital on 20th September midnight as my water bag’s fluid was below the acceptable level. So after the visit, my husband and I went home to do a final check on the stuff that we need to bring for the hospital stay. I am so nervous at that time. Though we are physically prepared, mentally we are always not.

D2.jpgLeaving our home

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How I relax and prepare to sleep during pregnancy

Things can never get too easy with the big tummy around. How I manage to get myself a good nice sleep is using my favorite air purifier. There are a few things which I will do before I goes to bed each night. My alternate routine is doing prenatal exercises to prepare for delivery.

My everyday routine is:
1 drop of sweet orange + 2 drops of lavender = sleep time

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Childbirth Education Course

We have signed up for the childbirth education course with Mount Alvernia. It cost $240.75 with Alvernia Ladies Card (10% off). The husband can tag along without extra charge. There are 6 lessons in total.

1st lesson – Nutrition
2nd lesson – Pregnancy care and Exercise
3rd lesson – Relaxation Techniques
4th lesson – Preparation for Childbirth
5th lesson – Breastfeeding and Bonding
6th lesson – Care of your Newborn

Since we are a first-time parents, I felt that we need to attend the classes in order to prepare ourselves for our baby’s arrival. Each lesson, there will be some light refreshments like sandwiches, bao & mee hoon. It’s really worth signing up! Highly recommended for first time mummy ^^ There are also many samples given during the classes too (start becoming auntie haha..)  Continue reading “Childbirth Education Course”

My First Baby Blog

I decided to start writing when I know I’m pregnant. This is my first blog and it’s about my whole pregnancy process. In the beginning, I felt my body is undergoing changes which I never experience before. My breasts were getting really tender for quite awhile. Usually before menstruation they will get firm too but it will only last around a week. This time round, it was longer. Somehow, I got a feeling that I am pregnant, so I decided to get a test kit. I was afraid of a negative result. Nowadays, it’s so difficult to get pregnant due to the stress environment around us.

The next morning, I tested and it was positive. I am so happy to see the two red lines on the pregnancy test kit. My husband was so excited and decided to bring me to a clinic for confirmation. We went to a women’s clinic for an ultrasound and confirmed that I am 7 weeks pregnant. The doctor suggested to visit her monthly and she will recommend a gynecologist from my 6 months pregnancy onward. As it was my first pregnancy, I thought this was the usual practice. However, we did some reading and found out that people start visiting a gynae from the start. Hence, I started to look for a good gynae recommendation.

firstvisitOur first visit to Mount Alvernia

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